Marriage Is a Private Affair

by Chinua Achebe

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What kind of woman is Nene? Describe her in detail. 

Expert Answers

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At the beginning of the short story, Nene encourages Nnaemeka to inform his father of their engagement via a letter. Nnaemeka tells Nene that his father would appreciate hearing the news face to face. She also doesn't see what the big deal is about Nnaemeka marrying her. Nene's belief that Nnaemeka's father would be happy for them portrays her naive personality. When Nnaemeka tells Okeke that he will marry Nene, he says that Nene possesses all of the same qualities of Ugoye. Nene is a Christian woman who is helpful around the home and is a morally upright individual. Nene is also a teacher, which means that she values education and helping others. Achebe also describes how the community was prejudiced against Nene, but she eventually became friends with them. Her neighbors even acknowledge that she keeps a good home and comment on how happy she is as Nnaemeka's wife. Nene also shows her determination and respect by writing to Okeke about his grandchildren. Nene even mentions that she will stay in Lagos during the visit to appease Okeke. Overall, Nene is intelligent, joyful, hardworking, and determined.

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