What kind of weather is associated with high pressure/low pressure?I want to know the difference between high pressure weather and low pressure weather.

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Cyclone is an area of low atmospheric pressure and a circular movement aerului. Cyclones are expressed graphically by isobaric concentric oval, usually elongated in a NE-SW axis. Cyclones are moving with an average of 40 to 50 km/h.

Cloudy weather and rainfalls are generally located in the eastern half or the south-east, north-western portion typically is an area with improving weather.In the northern hemisphere  air inside the cyclone circulates in counterclockwise sense, while in the southern hemisphere is in opposite direction.

A corresponding region of high pressure, is known as anti-cyclone, it often appears between successively cyclones. Often, changing weather from mid and high latitudes is associated with cyclone movement.

The convergence of air masses to these centers is accompanied by air lifting and adiabatic cooling, which, in turn, cause Cloud and precipitation. By contrast, beautiful and sunny weather is often associated with movement of anti-cyclones.

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High pressure weather is usually associated with storms, as the compression of the clouds causes them to turn to water and rain. The rapid changing of pressure, or local differences between pressures causes windy weather.