What kind of tone is used in "In an Artist's Studio" by Christina Rosseti?

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Tone is how the author feels about her subject, and I would describe Rosetti's tone here as critical, even judgmental. She harshly describes male artists who also seem incapable of portraying a woman, no matter who she is or how she acts, with anything other than "The same one meaning." The artist does not depict a woman "as she is," but, rather, "as she fills his dream." He only depicts what he wants her to be rather than what she is. The repetition of the phrase, "Not as she is," two times—once on each of the last two lines of the poem—as well as the reference to the artist's dream of his female subject rather than her actual self conveys Rosetti's negative feelings about how women are represented in art produced by men. Further, the speaker says that the male...

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