What kind of things did El Cid do when he was bored?

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I'm not quite sure what you're looking for since much of the El Cid story has been derived from less than factual accountings created by poets and other sorts trying to idealize this man born as Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar and El Campeador which roughly translated means "the Champion". El Cid can be translated to mean sir or lord which were titles he acquired as a result of loyal years of service. He was an esteemed soldier and after defeating Valencia, he fought for many years with the Muslims against the Christian forces. He was exiled after leading an unauthorized attack, but was later accepted back into the kingdom. He fought for many years trying to overtake Valencia, and when he succeeded, he ruled over it until Alphonse died.

Literature and other artistic forms of artistic poetry have turned the man into a legend. Some of these works include Oath of Santa Gadea and El cantar de mío Cid ("The Song of the Cid").

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