From The Story of My Life by Helen Keller, what are the characteristics of Bishop Brook and how do they relate to the kind of student that Helen is? What kind of a student and child was Helen Keller?

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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Helen Keller's life is touched by so many people and things all of which contribute to her understanding and appreciation for life. Her enthusiasm for learning is unique and especially inspiring in view of her being blind and deaf from a young age. Helen surrounds herself with situations and learns from "life itself."

The Story of My Life is a tribute to all the people and things that have enriched her life and serves as a form of motivation for anyone for whom "Silence sits immense upon my soul " (Ch 22).  Even those who are "so empty of joy" (Ch 23) can find some measure of hope in her words.

Helen has many "friends" - "dog friends...tree friends" and so on and has met many "men of genius" (Ch23). Bishop Brook is one of Helen's inspirations throughout her life,in particular his dedication to a "universal God" and his ability to share his love unconditionally. " He never excludes anyone from his faith and , whether Helen chooses to accept his version of God is unimportant to him. As long as she knows that good has far more potential than evil she has  "the key to Heaven." It is this that Helen will carry throughout her life and she shall feel secure that "wrong shall not triumph."