What kind of structure/control and culture would you find in a chain store?

Expert Answers
stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are too many different types of chain stores dealing with too many different types of goods and/or services to be able to make general statements about the type of structure, control, or culture you would find in all of them. However, there are general descriptions that would apply to most chain stores.

A chain store shares a common brand or brands of merchandise or type of service with other outlets within the same chain. The stores within a given chain will probably have a similar arrangement of display or sales area, may be located in towns or cities of a targeted population size, and will probably follow a common pattern in locating stores within an area - close to highway, on the main square, as part of a mall or as a freestanding business.

Chain stores have the support of the corporation or common supplier for purposes of advertising, personnel training, and possibly with business management. Chain stores may be required to follow company policies regarding business hours, employee attire, store appearance, and other factors that contribute to uniformity among all outlets in the chain.