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"Lullaby" is an arresting and immensely sad story about the passing of life and also the passing of the old ways of life of the Yeibechei, or Navajo Indians. The major character, Ayah, has accepted the poverty of her existence with her husband, Chato, but now the two are old and they can no longer keep the home in which they have lived. There is a low moment of Ayah’s bitterness when she realizes that the family is losing the home, where she gave birth to her many children, all of whom have been lost to them: "The illness came after the white rancher told Chato he was too old to work for him anymore, and Chato and his old woman should be out of the shack by the next afternoon because the rancher had hired new people to work there. That had satisfied her. To see how the white man repaid Chato’s years of loyalty and work"

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