What kind be some similarities or contrast between The Gift and The promise?

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In the book "The Red Pony" the part of the book called the Gift, is about the belief that Jody has in Bill's abilities.  Jody identifies Bill as being able to do anything.  He looks up to Bill.  Jody's father gives him a very special gift.  It is unexpected.  It is a red pony.  Jody is thrilled with his pony and names him Gabilin after the mountains. 

Jody is very proud of his pony.  He has to leave for school one day when the weather is wet.  He wants to leave the pony in the stall.  Billy assured him that the colt did not want to be cooped up and to leave it outside.  Billy assures him that rain was not going to fall and that if it did, that the colt would be fine.  The colt becomes sick as a result and goes off dies.  Jody has lost his belief in Bill.  He is devastated by the loss of his pony.

In the part of the book called The Promise, Jody is a little older.  His father surprises him by telling him that he is willing to pay for an unborn colt that was due and Jody can work the money off in the summer.  Jody gets the pony but nly after the mare dies.

  •  The red pony was a gift.
  •  The second colt Jody has to earn.
  •   In the Gift Jody believes in Billy.
  •   In the promise Jody doubts Billy.
  •   In the Gift Jody has never experienced death.
  •   In the promise he has already experienced    death.
  •   In the gift Jody does not realize the level of care the pony needs.
  • In the promise Jody is more mature. 


  • In both book parts the pony is the central element.
  •  Jody cares about Billy.
  • Jody dreams of what it will be like to ride his colt.
  • Jody cares for his colt.


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