What kind of sacrifices/ceremonies/beliefs did the druids have?

Expert Answers
markchambers1966 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

We actually know very little about the druids, only fragments of information written by the Romans. At sites such as Stonehenge in England it has been speculated upon that the druids indulged in human sacrifice. However, it is more probable that the worshipped the elements and were connected into natural sites such as water springs. They were very active in Wales for example, in remote areas where nature was wild and raw. The druids may have used a variety of herbs and been skilled in herblore. But as no contemporary text exists written by the Duids themselves we can only speculate. Certainly the modern day 'Druids' that gather at the Summer Soltice every year at Stonehenge are only giving an interpretation over what Druids may have worshipped, they have no evidence to support Sun worship or anything else.