What kind or resettlement process did Baba snd Amir have to endure when they came to the US? How did this affect their status & class in the US?

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When Baba and Amir move to the United States, like many immigrants, their status totally changes. While Baba was a wealthy, respected businessman in Afghanistan, he has to work at a gas station in the United States so that Amir can go to college. Baba's new social status affects Amir because he is no longer the son of a wealthy businessman. Both Amir and Baba are forced to live in conditions way below those they were accustomed to in Afghanistan, before the Taliban took over, because they had a fancy house in a well-to-neighborhood, and now they live among their fellow immigrants in less-than-comfortable circumstances. They live simply and they go to flea markets to sell their things and buy cheap things they need from others. Further, when Baba is diagnosed with lung cancer, he turns down treatment, not only because he does not want to undergo the pain of chemo and radiation, but also because of the cost. He sacrifices his health so that his son can have opportunities in the U.S.

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