What kinds of relationships helped Terry Fox to complete his famous run against cancer?

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In a journal kept by Terry Fox during his famous run to raise money for the war on cancer, Fox detailed many different kinds of assistance he received from a wide range of people along the way.

Such people included the following:

  • The people of a small town called Port-Aux-Basques, who raised $10,000 early in the run.
  • A group of vocational school students in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, who raised roughly $3000.
  • People in Charlottetown, Prince Edward’s Island, who cheered Terry as he passed through their town. Similar support came from the people of Bristol, New Brunswick and Perth-Andover, New Brunswick.
  • People in Quebec City, who honored him and featured him in the local newspaper.
  • Wheelchair athletes in Montreal, who accompanied Terry as he entered the city.
  • People in Hawkesbury, Ontario, who gave Terry a festive welcome.
  • A crowd of 16,000 people in Ottawa who gave Terry a standing ovation.
  • Darryl Sittler, a hockey star whom Terry idolized and who

gave Terry his 1980 NHL all-star team sweater. Darryl said, "I've been around athletes a long time and I've never seen any with his courage and stamina." One on-looker commented, "He makes you believe in the human race again." [see link below for this detail and many others]

Many examples of further support are noted in one of the links below, and still other examples of different kinds of very practical support are noted in another link below.