In Jesus' Son, what kind of relationship does the Narrator have with Georgie?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Georgie is one of the characters that we are presented to as the narrator takes us on his tour of various locations of disaster and tragedy. Georgie and the Narrator are clearly friends, and they are able to express their feelings and desires to each other. Note the following conversation, which interestingly explores a fascinating theme in the novel, which is that of discovering spiritual meaning to existence:

“I want to go to church,” Georgie said.

“Let’s go to the country fair.”

“I’d like to worship. I would.”

“They have these injured hawks and eagles there. From the Humane Society,” I said.

“I need a quiet chapel about now.”

George hs a massive desire to "worship," and even though she is not "religious" and would not know what to do with a church and how to "worship" in it, she has an intense desire to find some kind of spiritual order that would allow her life to have meaning. Georgie is of course an orderly who works in the emergency room of a hospital, and has this conversation with the narrator after a long shift at work where she has been "saving lives." Spiritual yearnings and the theme of saving individuals seem to be two aspects that join Georgie and the narrator together with common intent.


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