What kind of questions could I ask in researching the Bermuda triangle?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I moved the question into the "History" category because I think that this might be a good starting point in terms of what can be researched about the Bermuda Triangle.  There is so much in way of mythology and history regarding the Bermuda Triangle in terms of people disappearing, ships going missing, and aviation disasters regarding it that a good question might to simply recount the narrative of the triangle.  What stories or legends are associated with it?  Why is is that throughout so much of recorded history, the Bermuda Triangle has demonstrated a type of appeal to particular imaginations?  This might be a good set of research points in order to examine the status of the Bermuda Triangle.  

Another question to research is what elements make the Bermuda Triangle a location where so much in way of disasters are evident.  Delving into the meteorological reality of the Atlantic Ocean's sector that houses the Bermuda Triangle might demonstrate and reveal fascinating realities.  It might also be a nice counterpoint to the mythological condition of the triangle, suggesting that there are elements of science that either substantiate or deny the legends associated with it.  Engaging in the public fascination and then deconstructing the science behind it could prove to be very good starting points in researching the Bermuda Triangle.