What kind of plants does Miss Maudie have in To Kill a Mockingbird, and if she were to sell them, what would be the prices?Name of plant, price, color, size, texture. Thank you for all the help.

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    The Finch's neighbor in the Harper Lee novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, Miss Maudie Atkinson "hated her house" so much that she spends most of the time outside working in her yard. It is here that Scout usually converses with the widow with the gold, dental bridgework. Maudie allows Jem and Scout the run of her yard, including sampling her scuppernong grapes, as long as they don't damage her plants. Although Maudie is constantly outdoors, she seems to concentrate mostly on her azaleas; the author does not elaborate on many other specific varieties. We do know that she has plenty of flowers, bushes and shrubs, as well as mimosa that smells "like angels' breath." She has an arbor and possibly a peach tree in the back yard.
    Maudie planned to improve her yard after her house burned down, using the extra space to expand; eventually it would be so grand that "those Bellingraths'll look plain puny." (Alabama's Bellingrath Gardens is a famed horticultural haven and one of the finest in America.)
    We do know that Maudie particularly hated nut grass.

If she found a blade of nut grass in her yard it was like the Second Battle of the Marne. She swooped down on it... and subjected it to blasts from beneath with a poisonous substance she said was so powerful it'd kill us all...

Sorry, Amy. The author mentions nothing about pricing, color, size or texture. (Mimosa stamens usually are either pink, yellow or red. Azaleas usually come in flowers of white, orange, pink, yellow, red or purple.) 

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