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In the beginning of the story Edmond Dantes is a very happy young man who has a wealth of opportunity at his feet. He did not grow up with great wealth in material things, but because he is such a good person and can find content in almost any situation he finds himself at a young age finding much wealth in his relationships and at long last his job. For being an honest and steadfast young man he is promoted to be captain of his own ship. The love of his life has just agreed to marry him and again he finds contentment in the life they will share together.

After he is imprisoned he begins to let go of some of his naivete and sees the world as a battle ground for righting the injustice that has been brought against him. He becomes more shrewd after his fourteen year long wrongful prison sentence. He becomes a learned man in prison and he uses his new found knowledge to seek revenge. It is this revenge that blinds him to what used to be so important to him: love, life, contentment.

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