What kind of personal characteristics would you need to have, to become an entrepreneur?

Expert Answers
jraineharrison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are several personal characteristics that someone can exhibit to become a successful entrepreneur.  These characteristics alone do not make someone a successful entrepreneur, but they are helpful in ensuring success.

  • an unwavering passion for somthing
  • openmindedness to learning from others
  • ability to become an expet in new ideas or industries
  • the ability to look forward and think ahead
  • a continual flow of new ideas (Stephen Key, Entrepreneur Magazine)

An entrepreneur must be a salesperson.  No one else will be out selling the product or service other than the business owner.  Selling is a key ingredient to getting the business off the ground.  

A successful entrepreneur needs to be self-motivated. No boss is around ensuring their work is completed or asking them to complete tasks.  The entrepreneur must do all of these things on their own. 

The successful entrepreneur must be organized.  As well as being organized, the business owner also acts as a marketer.  Their product or service needs to be displayed to the public in some way, and they must go out and tell about that product or service.