In Susan Glaspell's Trifles, what kind of person was Minnie Foster before she married?

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A murder has been committed at the John Wright home! That is the subject of the one act play by Susan GlaspellTrifles was based on an actual murder in which the wife killed her abusive husband.  Glaspell, early in her career, worked as a reporter and covered this particular crime.

Mr. Hale visits the Wright home to find out if the Wrights would like to share a telephone party line with his family.  When he arrived at the home, Mr. Hale found Minnie sitting in her rocking chair in a dazed state. She told Hale that her husband was dead and pointed upstairs.  Mr. Hale asked her what he died from...Minnie answered: He died from a rop round his neck," says she, and just went on peatin'at her apron. 

Mrs. Hale, the neighbor, and Mrs. Peters, the sheriff wife, have come to gather items to take to Minnie to make her more comfortable as she sits in jail.  Mrs. Hale remembers Minnie when she was young. Mrs. Peters did not grow up in the town.  

The women...

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