What kind of person is Michaelis in The Great Gatsby?

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accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The fact that Michaelis is willing to sit up with George Wilson after the tragedy of his wife's death shows that he is kind and compassionate. He tries to distract George from dwelling on what had happened to Myrtle and his despair by asking questions and trying to keep up a conversation with him. He tries to work out if there is a priest that could come and counsel George in his time of need, and when George shows him the diamond-studded dog collar and shares the conclusions that he has made in his mind, he tries to tell Michaelis that he is being morbid:

"You're morbid, George... This has been a strain to you and you don't know what you're saying. You'd better try and sit quiet till morning."

Michaelis, by the very act of staying with George until six in the morning, is obviously a kind, caring individual, and the way that he looks after George and tries to offer him advice and to take his attention away from what George thinks happened really shows he has his friend's best intentions at heart.

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