What kind of person do you think Boo Radley is? Why?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Who knows what was going on inside of Boo Radley's head. (It would be a great question for author Harper Lee to answer herself.) I believe it's obvious that Boo didn't eat raw squirrels or cats, and he probably did no physical harm to anyone until he met up with Bob Ewell. Mentally instability no doubt hounded this very shy and gentle man. Of all the accusations made against Boo, his nocturnal sightings and habits may have had some validity; no better proof is evident than when he warmed Scout with a blanket and suddenly appeared to save the children from Bob. Boo must have seen himself as a protector of his young neighbors, and they brought out his curious nature for a while. Once they were safe from Ewell, Boo retreated back into the Radley House, rarely to be seen again.

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