What kind of person is Dallas Winston in The Outsiders?

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Dallas Winston is the toughest and most dangerous of the greasers in the S. E. Hinton teen novel, The Outsiders. Dally grew up on the streets of New York, where he was involved in gang activities and was arrested several times--the first at the age of 10. The Tulsa police are also familiar with Dally, for which he is somewhat proud; he has just gotten out of jail when the novel begins. He has no family in Tulsa, and his only true friend among the greasers is Johnny; the rest of the boys put up with him, though they like having his fists in gang fights. His greatest love is horses, and he jockeys on occasion. Good looking and blonde, Dally is immediately attracted to the Soc, Cherry Valance, and despite his bad behavior toward her, she tells Pony that she could fall in love with Dally. To Johnny, Dally is like a character out of Gone with the Wind: a Southern aristocratic gentleman. When Johnny dies, life is no longer worth living for Dally; he robs a store, waves an unloaded pistol at the pursuing police, and is shot dead in the street--not an unexpected end for the wildest character in The Outsiders.


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Dallas or Dally is a very friendly guy if you know him but if you don’t it would not be pretty. 

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