What kind of a person is Anton Rosicky in Willa Cather's story, "Neighbor Rosicky"?

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In Willa Cather's "Neighbor Rosicky," Anton Rosicky is presented as a good and decent man.

Having been born in Czechoslovakia, Anton traveled to London to work for a short time, and then to New York. He worked as a tailor for many years, but then, having saved his money, moved his family into the country of Nebraska to a small farm where they live modestly but comfortably.

Returning to life on a farm resembles his life as a child. Anton is a hard worker. He is not a perfect man, and makes mistakes, but his is not above facing and dealing with them. He is a good man. He makes time to enjoy life's little pleasures. He is able to read people's emotions and interact with others on a deeply personal level. He is generous of heart.

And although Anton has never been able to be particularly successful in a financial way, his positive connections with other people have more than made up for it, and his has had a meaningful life.