Fahrenheit 451 Questions and Answers
by Ray Bradbury

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How would you describe Clarisse and Faber in one word?

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Clarisse and Faber have many similarities regarding personality type and certainly how the "normal" people in society would regard them. 

Outcasts - Faber and Clarisse are both outcasts from society by choice. Clarisse refuses to participate in her classmates' games like playing chicken with cars. She deems school as being a waste of time. Faber would agree with Clarisse because school does not teach  them information on classic authors or philosophers. I would add Granger to this list too because Granger believes that people are responsible for contributing to society by remembering the past and history and using their knowledge to influence the present and the future. 

Independent - Although Faber believes in history, literature and learning, he does nothing to share his beliefs with others or try to conver them. Faber does not  gather a group of people to stand up against others. He sits at home and runs away from people like firefighters. Clarisse does not give any information about being privvy to books, but she still takes time to smell the flowers and pick dandelions from the side of the road. She relates a story about her uncle being pulled over for driving too slowly. She comes from a family who take their time and consider things like stars, flowers and air. However, they do not stand up to the government outwardly. They do not gather a following of people to try to take over. They just live their lives noticing how lost the rest of society is. 


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