What kind of a person is Carmen in the opera "Carmen"?Not Merimee's novella...

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In this opera, Carmen is a very passionate woman who does not seem to care much for anything except her own desires.  She is willing to use others for her own purposes.

We can see these traits at work throughout the opera.  In Act One, Carmen she shows her tempestuous passion by stabbing her coworker.  She then starts to use Don Jose by mesmerizing him and getting him to untie her.  She then shows her callousness by taking advantage of his kindness and running away.

In Act II, we continue to see her manipulative ways.  She takes Don Jose as a lover, but tries to make him jealous.  She also gets really angry at him when he has to leave because of his army schedule.

This kind of behavior continues throughout the opera.  Carmen continues to toy with Don Jose, which, of course, ends up getting her killed at the end.

So Carmen is a woman is ruled by her passions and who tries to control others.