Bread and Wine Questions and Answers
by Secondo Tranquilli

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What kind of tactics does Pietro Spina use in order to achieve his goal in Bread and Wine?

Pietro uses many tactics to achieve his goal without getting caught in Bread and Wine. He disguises himself as an old priest named Dan Paolo Spada and tries to spread anti-war sentiment in Pietrasecca. He also joins revolutionary activities in Rome, spreading his messages through anonymous work like graffiti.

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In Bread and Wine by Secondo Tranquili, Pietro Spina is an impassioned revolutionary. He aims to radicalize more Italians and inspire revolution against the Italian government. He believes in working toward a more just society and devotes his life to this cause. However, it was dangerous for radicals like Spina to speak openly. Many people like Spina were killed or threatened because of their work.

To avoid being identified but also to continue his work, Pietro turns to disguise. He uses iodine to disguise himself as an old priest and goes by the name of Don Paolo Spada. He works in this elderly disguise in Pietrasecca, a town in the Abruzzo region of Italy outside of Rome. He strives to become a trusted spiritual counselor so that he can radicalize more people without exposing his identity.

Despite his attempts to promote anti-war sentiment in Pietrasecca, Pietro fails to radicalize the locals. Frustrated over this failure, as well as by the poverty he sees in the town, Pietro goes to Rome. He feels that fighting for justice in an urban center would do more good. He sheds the old disguise and instead uses graffiti art to try and spread his messages. Eventually he is threatened and has to flee.

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