What kind of reactions are these (redox, double displacement, etc.)? Cu(OH)2 (s)  CuO (s) + H2O (l) CuO (s) + 2 H+(aq) + 5 H2O (l) > [Cu(H2O)6] 2+ (aq) [Cu(H2O)6] 2+ (aq) + Zn (s)  Cu (s) + Zn2+ (aq) + 6 H2O (l)

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I've rewritten the reactions here for clarity.I left out all of the matter phase subscripts because they aren't particularly relevant for classifying the reactions.

`Cu(OH)_2 -> CuO + H_2O`

`CuO + 2H^+ + 5H_2O -> Cu(H_2O)_6^(2+)`

` Cu(H_2O)_6^(2+) + Zn -> Cu + Zn^(2+) + 6H_2O`

Reaction 1, where copper (II) hydroxide produces copper (II) oxide and water, can be characterized as a decomposition reaction or as dehydration, because you're basically just pulling a water molecule out of the copper hydroxide. Decomposition reactions can be recognized by the fact that they always...

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