What kind of poet was Wordsworth? Write about his life and his place in romantic poetry. Explain one of his poems or compare and contrast a few of his poems.

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One thing in particular about Romantic period poet William Wordsworth is that he peopled his poems with characters who were commonplace in village settings but whom he presented in a fashion so as to highlight their naturalness and goodness--of course, demonstrating in doing so one of the chief tenets of Romanticism. An example that comes readily to mind is "The Ruined Cottage." Interestingly, this poem also demonstrates the validity of Coleridge's challenge to Wordsworth that it requires the excellent poet to render commonplace language poetical and musical.

As the previous answers have suggested, Wordsworth was a Romantic poet and is usually considered one of the earliest and most influential of the Romantic poets. William Blake came slightly before Wordsworth; Samuel Taylor Coleridge was Wordsworth's friend and contemporary; later Romantic poets, such as Keats, Shelley, and Byron, were all influenced by Wordsworth in one way or another (sometimes in reaction against Wordsworth as grew...

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