What kind of person was Minnie Foster before she married? How do you think her marriage affected her?

Minnie Foster was a lively, sweet, pretty person before her marriage. Marrying a harsh, grim man, Mr. Wright, affected her by isolating her and destroying her bright spirit. She became caged and trapped, her spirit crushed the same way her canary was killed.

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Mrs. Hale and Minnie Foster Wright grew up together. Mrs. Hale remembers the unmarried Minnie as a bright, happy, pretty young woman who liked to sing, comparing her to a canary. Mrs. Hale says:

she was kind of like a bird herself—real sweet and pretty, but kind of timid and—fluttery

Mrs. Hale also recalls Minnie as the girl in the pretty white dress with blue ribbons who liked to stand up and sing in the choir. She says that Minnie was "lively" and enjoyed wearing nice clothes.

This fluttery, bright person who was involved with the community has been crushed by her husband John. Mrs. Hale notes that Minnie didn't come out of the house much after her marriage. She was no longer involved in community activities. Mrs. Hale looks at Minnie's worn skirt and notes that Mr. Wright was "close," meaning he was a tightwad who didn't like to spend money. Mrs. Hale speculates that Minnie stayed home because she didn't want people to see her in her shabby clothing.

Mrs. Hale also states that she wishes she had come to visit Minnie more often. However, she says the Wright house depressed her as a dreary place. She attributes the negative atmosphere to John Wright being a grim, silent person.

Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters believe that John Wright choked off Minnie's bright spirit until she finally snapped and killed him.

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