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What kind of objectives need to be used in curriculum designing?

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I think that one of the most important objectives that has to be used in modern curriculum designing is the overarching questions of what constitutes learning.  The design of curriculum rests with the basic idea of what stakeholders believe defines successful learning.  This becomes one of the most important objectives that drives the curriculum designing process:

Given the nature of the official curriculum and the important purposes of schooling for children and youth, it is most powerful and effective if teachers think of curriculum as first and foremost about teacher decision making. Teachers must first decide how well the official curriculum or achievement standards are working to achieve educational outcomes for each student.

In being able to define what represents "educational outcomes" for the students, curriculum can be designed towards that end.  If the idea of what constitutes student learning is not present, there is a greater likelihood of curriculum being seen as relevant and more meaningful in the learning process.

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