What moral values can we get from Kidnapped?

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The most important moral that we can get from reading this book is the idea that even people who have no reason to be friendly can become friends.  This is an important lesson for us in today's world where so many different kinds of people seem to hate one another.

Much of this story is about a friendship between two people who are really quite different.  David is young and not very worldly.  More importantly, he is Protestant and a Whig (a person who wants Parliament to have power).  By contrast, Alan is older and very experienced.  He is Catholic and he wants King James to be returned to the throne.  These are serious differences, both of personality and of religion and politics.

Despite these differences, Alan and David become friends.  The book is largely about their friendship and the loyalty they feel to one another.  Therefore, this book is trying to get us to see that people can be friends even if they are from groups who are traditional enemies.

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A friend in need is a friend in deed . The saying appropriately suits the story. The story tells us the importance of a true friend in life . Alen acted as a constant companion to david due to which he (david)is able to otwit his greedy uncle ebenzer balfour and was able to inherit his property.