What kind of man was Tom Walker?

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Tom Walker was a morally repugnant man notable primarily for his vices, which included greed, dishonesty, and hypocrisy. Tom's foremost characteristic is undoubtedly greed. Throughout the story Tom makes decisions based on his greed at great cost to himself and others. Most notably, Tom sells his soul to the devil in exchange for treasure, but later in the story his greed also leads him to extort those poor individuals who come to him for loans with the worst possible terms. Tom is also repeatedly dishonest in his interactions with others. In fact, Tom is taken by the Devil after lying to one of his victims about whether or not he had made a profit on his loan. Finally, to top it all off, Tom hypocritically adopts religion at the end of his life to try to save himself from the devil but never changes his immoral behavior.

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