Discuss the destructive type of love present in Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire.

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I think that the love presented in Williams' work is destructive.  Yet, I also think that the love that is presented is demonstrated as one that yearns for what cannot be.  In a sense that love becomes so very destructive for those who possess it.  For example, Blanche demonstrates a love for a time and condition that have passed.  Blanche yearns for the stately manors and regal tradition of the South, embodied in Belle Reve.  This has passed with a more modernized and industrial visage in its place.  Blanche's love of the past proves to be destructive because it makes her incapable of being able to adapt to the moder modernized reality that surrounds her.  Stanley's desire to appropriate the world in accordance to his own subjectivity is also destructive, but this destruction is wrought on others.  His love of this appropriation causes him to violate Blanche, demonstrating carnal destruction.  In the end, the yearning for the subjective to be mirrored in reality is a form of love that destroys bonds and cannot foster connection or solidarity between people.

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