What kind of life does the vagabond want?

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The vagabond rather enjoys his life of wandering the highways and byways. It's a simple life being out in the open air; all the vagabond's needs are catered for by Mother Nature. If he wants food, he simply dips his bread in the water to catch fish; when he needs to sleep, there's a nice, comfy bed waiting for him in the bush. The vagabond may be poor, but then he doesn't seek riches; they're just not important to him, as he says, "Wealth I seek not, hope nor love," nor for that matter does he seek friendship with anyone. All he needs are the heavens above him and the road beneath him. And it doesn't matter how bad the weather gets; the vagabond will never be defeated by the harshness of winter or fall, as he says,

"Or let autumn fall on me Where afield I linger, Silencing the bird on tree, Biting the blue finger. White as meal the frosty field - Warm the fireside haven - Not to autumn will I yield, Not to winter even!"

The vagabond is a free spirit. Bereft of all the normal comforts of life, and free of the social attachments to his fellow man that most of us have, he is completely accepting of his fate. Whenever his times comes, he'll be ready. In the meantime, he'll continue to live his life on his own terms, with the road beneath his feet and the heavens above him.

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