From Into the Wild, what kind of life did Carine McCandless live when the author met her?

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Carine, Chris's sister, was the only member of his family to whom he felt close. She shared some of his ideals, but wanted a more normal life. When Jon Krakauer visited her, it was less than a year after Chris had been found dead; she, like their parents, was devastated. She'd followed a more normal path in her life, and was married with a house and her own business.

...although she shares Chris’s sense of outrage over racial injustice, Carine has no objection -- moral or otherwise -- to wealth. She recently bought an expensive new home and regularly logs fourteen-hour days at C.A.R. Services, Incorporated, the auto-repair business she owns with her husband, Chris Fish, in the hope of making her first million at an early age.
(Krakauer, Into the Wild,

Krakauer describes a motivated and intelligent woman, one who lives life according to her own ideals, much as did Chris. However, since Carine's desires were more conventional, she ended up in a very different place: stable, rooted to her life, instead of having Chris's wanderlust. The fact that she and Chris were so close despite having such different ideals shows how the bond of family can be more powerful than personal philosophy, outside any other issues.

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