What kind of joint is the knee joint? 

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There are three types of joints in the human body: fibrous, cartilaginous and synovial joints. This classification is based on the material used for making the joint. For example, fibrous joints are those that are joined by fibrous ligaments. Cartilaginous joints, on the other hand, are the joints in which bones are connected together by cartilage. Synovial joints are formed by a fluid-filled capsule, known as the synovial capsule and cartilage. They are also classified based on mobility. For example, fibrous joints are permanent (and hence immobile), cartilaginous joints are partially movable, while synovial joints are mobile or freely movable joints.

Knee joints are synovial joints, while the joint between the teeth and jaw is fibrous and those between vertebrae are cartilaginous joints. The joints at our ankle are also synovial joints. In fact, synovial joints are the most common classification of joints in our body. 

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