What kind of jobs can I be considered for after getting a bachelor's degree in Anthropology?

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Someone with a degree in Anthropology actually has many options.  You might be empolyed by a university, government agency, museum, park, historic site, or physical anthropology lab.  Take a look at the following links for ideas. 

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Good Luck!

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Honestly, the only job I have ever seen as somebody who bachelored in Anthropology was as a professor at a college.

However, if you were to get a bachelors in Psychology, you'd probably be better off.

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Try a different major. I have a BA in Anthropology, and I can't find work.

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Well, aside from an anthropologist you would have to get creative with your knowledge in the degree.  I have a degree in sociology and anthropology and I am a teacher. Because it is such a well rounded degree (you will learn about sociology, mathmatics, biology, technology, economics and religion) you will be able to use this degree in many areas.  I always make sure I mention this during interviews...and have always gotten positive feedback. 

 Good Luck!