What kind of information could you include in a news article about the arrival of Mr. Bingley in town in Pride and Prejudice?

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In general, let me suggest that you're not limited to writing about only the details included in the text of the novel. For instance, you might start by describing how the neighborhood families are excited to meet Mr. Bingley and form a friendship with him, and about how his attendance is expected at the upcoming ball. You might also describe how Mr. Bennet has already gone out to meet Mr. Bingley and form a friendship with him. But then, you can freely imagine more about what the characters are thinking.

You know how news articles often include statements from people involved in the story? Try including some of these: just think about how each character usually talks, and make up some statements for that character. You can also include details about who that person is, and how that person moves as he or she speaks. Here's an example: "Asked what she thought about Mr. Bingley's arrival in town, Mrs. Bennet, a frazzled mother of five daughters and the lucky neighbor of Mr. Bingley, reported that she was 'overwhelmed with excitement' regarding the new neighbor. 'Yes, yes, my girls will certainly be getting to know Mr. Bingley very well in the coming weeks, I expect!' she said, shaking out her shawl and inspecting it for imperfections. 'And my youngest daughter Lydia, being so tall, will certainly capture Bingley's eye at the ball! Yes, you can write that down! The other ladies of Hertfordshire don't stand a chance!'"

Aside from writing about Mr. Bingley's arrival and the other characters' reactions, you can also give background information about him. You know how news articles often start by telling the immediate story, and then they get more general, giving background information about what had happened before or what else is related to the issue? Do that, too! You can include some details about Netherfield, the estate where Mr. Bingley lives. Or, describe the details of the upcoming ball which Mr. Bingley is expected to attend. Who else is rumored to be in attendance? Where will it be held? etc.

For more ideas, refer to the first three chapters of the novel, where you'll find more information about Bingley and the neighborhood's anticipation of, and reaction to, his arrival.

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