Helen Keller Questions and Answers

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What kind of house did she live in during her childhood?

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Helen Keller grew up in a simple white wooden clapboard house in Tuscumbia, Alabama. The property is known as Ivy Green. The house, constructed in 1820, is typical for its period and is similar to many old houses in the region. The house has two floors and a front and back porch. The first floor consists of the dining room and parlor as well as two bedrooms and a hallway. The upstairs has two bedrooms, including Helen's, and a storage room. Each room has its own fireplace. The house is located on a 620-acre tract with extensive manicured and wooded grounds on much of it. This includes the well known fountain where Helen made her first major communication breakthrough. The small one-room cottage in which Helen was born is located near the main house. It contains a playroom that Helen, as well as the other children, used. Today Ivy Green is a museum dedicated to Helen Keller and her story.

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