What kind of government did Eastern Europe have circa 1300 AD?

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In the late 12th and 13th centuries, most of 'Eastern Europe' as we know it today, did not really exist.

Parts of this region that were still independent, were divided into small kingdoms and chiefdoms-- for example, Bohemia, Pomerania, Poland, Slovania, Hungary, Moravia, Croatia and so on. Larger parts were directly or indirectly controlled by Russia (a growing power) and the Ottoman Turks, who were just rising up now after defeating the Seljuks, and between 1300 and 1316, would end up conquering chunks of Greece and the Mediterranean isles, all Bulgaria, and so on.

In addition, Eastern Europe--and Russia/the Black Sea and Crimean areas and also the Mediterranean and Levantine Coasts themselves were under threat from the new wave Mongol Invasions from the East, under Nagai Khan. It was only in 1303 that the Turks/Muslims defeated the Mongols near Damascus (Syria) thus also saving all of Europe from this scourge.

The next few centuries of Eastern European history would be dominated by the Ottoman hegemony.


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