What kind of God are the eyes of Hurston's characters watching?What is the nature of that God and their watching? Do any of them question God?

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In the book "Their Eyes were Watching God" is actually quoted by our female protagonist after Jamie meets her one real love, Tea Cakes. They are together when a hurricane arises. The two are hearing the storm howling around them. She asks Tea Cakes if he is sorry that he is there with her instead of somewhere else where he might be safer. He explains that if it is his time to die he would die. He also lets Jamie know that he would rather have lived in this time with her than not having ever lived like so many others. She raises her eyes to God and in her thank-you for sending him the author also talks about them having their bodies in the storm but their eyes were watching God.

I believe that questioning God's plan was a basic theme with the female protagonist. Men have controlled Janie for most of her life. She married the first time at 16 and then later married another man who was more wealthy. Both men controlled her and she questioned God about her life. However, when Tea Cakes comes along and woos her, she comes to know God's purpose and what it is like to feel real love.

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