What kind of food did the Jewish people eat during the Holocasut?what they were fed, and also what they would make if they were living normal lives.

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dswain001 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The living conditions for Jewish prisoners in concentration camps was inhumane. Food was no exception. Prisoners were expected to live on meager rations. Many of them (if not all) were extremely malnourished. For breakfast and dinner, prisoners received a small crust of bread and coffee. For lunch, they were served watered down cabbage soup. There was little water at the camps. The water that prisoners were offered was not fresh. Food portions weren't nearly sufficient and many people died withing a few days of their arrival.

Sometimes, extra rations could be obtained by bribing guards with cigarettes (contraband that had to be smuggled in).

Prior to being forced into ghettos and later concentration camps, Jews lived very normal lives. In accordance with the Jewish faith, most Jews probably lived on a Kosher diet. For example, certain animals were not allowed to be eaten. Animals that were considered Kosher had to be slaughtered and prepared a certain way.