What kind of expections do you place on yourself, on society and also other countries?What kind of expections do you place on yourself, on society and also other countries, and please explain with...

What kind of expections do you place on yourself, on society and also other countries?

What kind of expections do you place on yourself, on society and also other countries, and please explain with specific details?

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litteacher8 | High School Teacher | (Level 3) Distinguished Educator

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I have high expectations for myself.  I expect to be successful in my professional life, and happy in my personal life.  As I grow a little older, I have learned to be happy with the things that make me happy and not focus on goals I have not reached but actually no longer want.

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megan-bright | (Level 1) Associate Educator

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I expect myself to be self-sufficient, independent, financially stable, law-abiding valuable member of society and the work force. I can't say that I have contributed much financially, but that's how life works out as there are more important things than finances. I expect my country to uphold the laws and provide assistance to its poor and struggling so that the poor and unemployed can become contributing members of society and thus help the country overall.

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The expectations I place on myself include being a contributing member of the Democratic process and encouraging those around me to do the same. I try to encourage my own children to strive to become young women that are confident and sure of their roles in society also.

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ask996 | High School Teacher | (Level 1) Senior Educator

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My expectations of myself are to: with the help of my husband, raise my children to be conscientious citizens who use critical thinking to make their life choices; as a wife, to support my husband as a partner and a friend; as a teacher, make choices that impact my students in positive ways. I expect my society to make it possible for me to do these things, including a respect with regard to attitude towards and compensation for serving in the realms of public education. I expect my society to help make it possible to provide for my children's education. Sadly, society disappoints me.

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My major expectations for myself revolve around the way I raise my children.  I expect myself to act as a good role model for them.  I expect myself to parent them in ways that will (I hope) make them happy in the short term but will, more importantly, make them good people in the long term.

That is the sort of thing that I can have a great deal of control over so that is where my expectations are (rather than on bigger issues of governmental policy or things like that).

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One of the things that I expect of citizens of a democracy is to understand and investigate the ways that they actually have power.  The idea of a democracy is one in which the people are capable of influencing the massive wheels of government and sometimes the accepted way of influence (voting) is eclipsed by other means (voting with your wallet) depending on how th levers of power are actually pulled.

To do this takes some time and effort and generally requires reading, all things that aren't necessarily very popular in our country right now.  So if people want to actually live in a democracy and want to complain about things they don't agree with, they should be willing to take the time to find out about and then take action on issues that they feel strongly about.