What kind of essay can be made on the topic "To be or not to be; that is the question"? But this essay should not be based on Hamlet.

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While the quotation is from Shakespeare’s play, the philosophical question is universal. It asks, “What are the arguments in favor of and against continuing our existence, our facticity?” Suicide is an option for virtually all of us each day, but moral and religious impediments stand in the way: “Oh [if only]that the everlasting had not fixed his cannons (canons) ‘gainst self slaughter” Your essay, then could be a defense of or an attack on suicide. But more sophisticated might be stating your views on Man’s place in the cosmos. Are we giving ourselves an importance merely because we are self-conscious, or do we have a “purpose,” a cosmic mission? Take this opportunity to examine your own views on these philosophical questions. Can we, as individuals, seek Cosmic Consciousness? Is the emotional damage to our family and friends far greater than the “pain” we are trying to escape by our suicide? Does Dr. Kevorkian have the moral high ground when he defends doctor-assisted suicide? Etc.

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