What kind of equation do I use to find the standard meridian of Vladivostok?

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enginr eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Standard meridians are located at intervals of 15 degrees of longitude on either side of the prime meridian. Time zones are roughly centered on the standard meridians. 

Thus, to find the standard meridian of a location, you should determine how many time zones away from UCT (coordinated universal time) the location is, and then multiply by 15 degrees. This is because the standard meridian of the UTC tome zone is 0 degrees (the prime meridian).

For example, Vladivostok is UTC+10. Thus the standard meridian of Vladivostok is `` degrees.

So an equation would look like this:

Standard meridian = number of time zones X 15 degrees.

However, take a bit of care to not lose track of the negative sign when the time zones are east of the prime meridian.