What kind of detective is Goldy Schulz in the series Goldy Schulz Culinary Mysteries?

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litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Goldy Shulz is an amateur detective, meaning that it is not her main profession.  She works as a caterer.

Goldy is a single mother living in Aspen Meadow, Colorado when the series starts.  She has one son.  In the first story, she accidentally serves poisoned coffee at a catering event and her father in law is sickened.  Goldy decides to find out what is going on, and she becomes the mystery-solving caterer detective.  She later marries a police officer.

Here in Aspen Meadow, Colorado ... I'm the caterer of choice, by which I mean, I'm the only caterer you can choose. (Fatally Flaky, ch 1, p. 2)

As a detective, Goldy does not usually cooperate with the police.  She uses her own unique methods, and a lot of espresso, to catch the killer.

In many ways, Goldy Shulz is a typical American detective.  She solves mysteries as a hobby in her spare time, making us all feel like our lives could be more interesting because there are mysteries everywhere we look.

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