What kind of design set up works best for logo apparel uniform?

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The current industry standards for creating logos for apparel are Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw. The majority of companies that perform this type of work want digital files. Before completing a design, it is wise to contact the manufacturer to find out which software he uses, which types of files are compatible, and which version is acceptable.


When choosing a format, vector art is essential. Vector art can be put into various formats, although EPS is the most common. Some people will tell you to use a JPG but that is not advisable due to the lack of clarity regarding text. Also, the colors and pieces cannot be separated, which is essential to producing a good print.


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As the logo is the most important symbolic sign of any companies, I always prefer to use the industry standards such as Adobe Illustrator because it offers a platform where highly structured graphics and even 3D effects can be applied to design elements and we can easily creates a quite professional logo on our own.

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