What kind of characters are the lawyer and the banker in "The Bet"? Static or dynamic?

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The banker is a dynamic character, one who fundamentally changes throughout the course of the story. The narrator tells us that, during the fifteen years in which he has kept the lawyer as a prisoner in his own home, the banker has gone from a "fearless, self-confident, proud man of business" to an "ordinary banker, trembling at every rise and fall in the market." Moreover, the banker becomes a man who is willing to murder another person in order to keep from giving up the last of his own money, and never "had he felt such contempt for himself as now." He has changed, growing to prize money more than he ever has and devalue human life. He was once the type to argue about what is humane, as he recalls in the story's beginning, but now he will murder without regard for such concerns.

The lawyer is, likewise, a dynamic character. He writes to the banker in a letter,

That I may show you in deed my contempt for that by which you live, I...

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