What kind of character is Jimmy and how does he reflects the author's personality?i need short and simple answer

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In the play 'Look Back in Anger' by John Osborne, the character named Jimmy is very complicated. Psychologically, the most obvious trait of his personality and the one with which he has 'issues' is anger. Jimmy Porter is able to use this anger in a very powerful way - similarly he also has great leverage and control in his mastery of the language that goes with that. He has issues with those who represent authority in the society in which he lives (people whom we might label today as 'spin doctors' , opinion formers, politicians, professionals,legal professionals and civil servants or servants of the state - so-called 'establishment figures.') He saves particular bitter angry torrents of criticism for those who have reached their artificial positions of power against 'the little man in the street' through no merit of their own work or talent, but who have been born to it.We can see for ourselves how much of Osborne himself is in Jimmy when we remember the story that when his headteacher slapped him, Osborne slapped him back and got expelled! Certainly, like Jimmy, he had to make his own way.

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