What kind of character is Jeffery? (From Maniac Magee the book)

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Jeffrey, better known as Maniac Magee, is one cool character.  He is that kid that can do anything and everything, make it look easy, but not make you jealous, angry, or spiteful while doing it.  The kid can run, jump, throw, hit, etc. better than just about anybody else, and on top of that, he doesn't have a judgmental bone in his body.  For example after showing up John McNab by hitting homerun after homerun, McNab tries to beat up Maniac with his gang of delinquents. But Maniac is not the type of person to hold a grudge.  In fact, in chapter 35 Maniac brings John's brothers back home and helps out John by showing him how to throw the stopball.  Further evidence for Maniac not being judgmental is his blindness to color.  No I don't mean that Maniac is colorblind.  I mean that Maniac is incapable of seeing how skin color on a person can make a difference.  Of course not everybody in the book is as gracious as Maniac, and that is why he is eventually forced to leave the Beale home.  Maniac is a very loving and caring character as well.  The best evidence for this is his relationship with Grayson.  Maniac gives Grayson friendship, and takes the time to teach the old man to read.  The book continually refers to Maniac as a sort of legend, and with how amazing he is at just about everything, it is easy to see why.   

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