What is Killer Kane accused of doing that could lock him up for good?

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One would think that killing someone is enough to send them to prison for life. Somehow, probably for good behavior, Killer Kane gets out of prison early. The first thing he does is kidnap his own son because Grim and Gram placed a restraining order on him. Since Kane can't legally go visit his son, he creeps into Max's room in the middle of the night and kidnaps him. To make matters worse, he kidnaps his son on Christmas Eve, too. Once Max is back home safe and sound with his grandparents, his grandfather says, "This is important, Max. Maybe this time they'll lock him up for good." Max's response is as follows:

"That's what everybody keeps saying, that this time They've got Killer Kane where they want him, in violation of parole, in violation of a restraining order, abduction of a minor, and two counts of attempted murder, me and the Heroic Biker Babe, which is what the papers took to Loretta Lee" (136).

The above passage lists all of the additional crimes Kane can be held accountable for since being let out on parole. He's not out for more than a day or so and he's already back in jail for the above-mentioned, multiple citations. Another thing that can keep Killer Kane locked up is that Maxwell divulged the fact that he saw his dad strangle his mother when he was about four years-old. Kane thought that the boy was too young to remember the incident, but now there's an eye-witness to that first crime which could also be used to keep him in jail for life.

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