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What To Kill a Mockingbird quotes show Boo Radley is a caring person?

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Boo Radley watches out for the Finch children and even saves their lives.

Boo Radley is a sensitive and reclusive man. His nickname comes from the fact that he never leaves his house. Many neighborhood legends describe him as a monster. This is mostly based on Boo's misspent childhood, where he acted out against his religiously fanatical family.

The first time Boo reaches out to the children to try to make friends, he leaves them gifts in a tree on his property that they pass on the way home from school. The gifts are small things children would appreciate, such as gum, twine, a pocket watch, pennies, and a spelling bee medal. The soap dolls are so accurate that they frighten Scout.

They were almost perfect miniatures of two children. The boy had on shorts, and a shock of soapy hair fell to his eyebrows. I looked up at Jem. A point of straight brown hair kicked downwards from his part. I had never noticed it before. Jem looked from the girl-doll to me. The girl-doll wore bangs. So did I (

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